Issues setting up SVN+Trac

I’ve been having issues setting up Trac on my DreamHost account, and I’ve attempted to contact DreamHost support but I was only informed that “Unfortunately Trac is not an officially supported application so we can not troubleshoot it for you.”

I used the DreamHost Control Panel Subversion page to set up Subversion and Trac. I created two new subdomains for the setup, and

At the moment I’ve only created one project, which I named “CS499” (for a school project of mine) and I wanted to make this a public project so that the professor and any interested students can see and checkout the repository but only my group members can commit. SVN was set up with no problems, although Trac did not seem to install correctly and I’m not sure what I did wrong.

My first issue is that it isn’t quite a public install. Immediately after installing Trac I was unable to log in (it said that authentication had not been set up) so I looked at the email I received for details. As per the instructions in my “Success installing Trac on your site!” email, I went to the Htaccess / WebDAV page in order to set up authentication on the sub-directory. However now you can not log in without a valid username and password, meaning that my professor will be unable to view our progress with the project.

My second issue is that the logo is not loading, and this causes me to worry that nothing else will load correctly in the future. I created a very crappy logo in MSPaint and uploaded it to ~/ and then I edited ~/ to change the src for header_logo. When I’m logged into the Trac page the logo fails to load.

If I right-click and Inspect Element (in Chrome) it is linked to although I get a 404 error when I try to load this page (despite the file being present)

I had a third issue with a 503 error on the root domain, although this seems to have cleared itself up.

For the sake of this issue I’ve created a new account under SubVersion and Trac named “helpme” with the password “helpme” so that you can log in to see my issues first-hand. I’ve never worked with Trac before so I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing wrong.

A quick update to the problem:

My third issue (receiving 503 errors when I try to access the root domain, apparently occurs if I am not logged in to Trac. If I log into Trac first then I can access the root domain no problem.