ISSUES - Domain Transfer from DreamHost to NameCheap

Hi, 3 months ago, I had a domain transferred from another registrar to Dreamhost specifically for using custom nameservers. Before I did the transfer, DH support told me that they do support custom nameservers, (back then I didn’t know DH calls calls custom nameservers “vanity nameservers”) and after the transfer was done, the custom nameservers options were no where to be found only to be told by DH support that they are currently not supporting vanity nameservers…

So now I want to transfer the domain away from DH, to NameCheap which I know for sure that they support custom nameservers.

I’ve already tried like 4 times to transfer this domain from DH to NC but every time the transfer doesn’t complete! Everything is correctly set, the whois is disabled, I have access to the whois email, the domain is NOT locked, the domain exceeds 60 days of pause between transfers and the domain is nowhere near expiration, it has +2 years left.

Like I said, I’ve initiated the transfer 4 times now, from NC and almost instantly, I’ve received a confirmation email for the transfer from NameCheap. Needless to say, I’ve clicked on the link from the confirmation mail, and approved the transfer.

After approving the transfer from the NC mail, I never received a confirmation mail from DH also. From what I know this is standard procedure, almost all registrars send 2 confirmation emails: one sent by the gaining registrar and one sent by the loosing registrar. I have NEVER received a confirmation mail from DH.

I’ve talked to both NC and DH support about this issue. NC support said everything is correctly set on their side and that this is a DH issue, while DH support are contradicting themselves in statements.

Some said that I should receive a confirmation mail from DH, others said that all I should do is to wait for 10 days and the transfer will complete automatically and that DH doesn’t send a confirmation mail when a transfer occurs. To be honest, I’ve never waited for 10 days, the maximum I’ve waited was 8 days and when I saw nothing happens, I’ve resubmitted the transfer. I am willing to wait for 10 days now though.

Someone from DH support told me that I can’t instantly resubmit a transfer after canceling an ongoing transfer (even if it fails). He said that I need to wait for 7 days before resubmitting the transfer again! I was like OMG??? WHAT??? I’ve never heard of this anywhere!

There’s also one important thing which needs to be mentioned… DH said that they never received a transfer request from any registrar!

Can anyone help me? Have anyone ever transferred a domain away from DH? What’s the procedure? Are you supposed to receive a confirmation mail from DH or not?

Don’t waste time wading through the quagmire of DH Support. Email Sales directly and with luck they will hand it on to someone who has a clue.

Crossing your fingers when you click Submit might help, too.

You mean I should use this link: instead of using the support page from DH control panel?
Aren’t there the same people who are gonna answer the questions?

Have you ever transferred a domain away from DH? Did you receive any confirmation mail from DH? What’s the standard procedure? Can someone shed some light on this?

Which TLD is it? Procedures vary considerably. Note also that for some TLDs, Dreamhost is not actually a registrar but is only a registration agent. In such cases they sometimes have had difficulty in managing some aspects of the registrations which they handle.

Some TLD registries have a procedure whereby a customer who has been served badly by their registrar or registration agent can appeal directly to the registry.

Hi, it’s a .net domain. I think its currently registered by Enom on DH, though I’m not sure. How do I find out?

So what should I do? Contact Enom and try to finalize the transfer with them or contact ICANN and complain about DreamHost holding my domain hostage? Or both perhaps?

So has anyone else ever transferred a domain away from DH? Have you encountered any problems?

I just found these threads, it looks like I’m not the only one with transfer problems…

Wait a minute, where does eNom come into the picture? There should only be two registrars involved here: DreamHost and NameCheap.

Do a WHOIS on the domain to check who it’s registered with. If you don’t see “Registrar: NEW DREAM NETWORK, LLC” at the top, it’s not registered with DreamHost.

Thanks for replying Andrew! Its really great that someone from DH can answer directly on this forum.

The domain is currently registered at Dreamhost and in whois it says: NEW DREAM NETWORK, LLC. Is Dreamhost itself (NEW DREAM NETWORK, LLC) a registrar? That’s odd the guys from DH support (live chat) told me otherwise, they told me that DH is only an agent and that most domains registered on DH are actually registered on eNom.
eNom comes into picture from NameCheap also. NameCheap also uses eNom to register their domains. The guys from NameCheap told me that eNom sends the transfer requests to DreamHost and any other registrar, on their behalf.

In any case, I just want the domain transferred, without any problems. So what’s going on? Why am I unable to transfer the domain???

The domain was finally transferred just a few hours ago after all this hassle. Here’s an advise for those of you who want to transfer their domains and encounter issues.

Dreamhost did NOT send a confirmation mail so do not wait for one or do not resubmit the transfer after a few days. Submit the transfer, approve it through email and wait up to 10-15 days for it to complete.

There’s one problem now though… the domain still shows up in DH panel… I’ll talk to their support, see if they can fix it.

If you can provide me with the domain name I would be happy to look into that for you. Or perhaps a ticket number and check the status! Thanks,

Dee J.
DreamHost Staff

mabonez: We are a registrar for the .com, .net, .org, and .info top-level domains. For all other TLDs (mostly country-specific TLDs), we register domains through eNom.