Issues deploying a Node JS App

Hi there, I recently got a VPS hosting account and I’m trying to host a node js express server (I have called it app.js). The server is meant to load a webpage from a html file (I have called it connect.html).

I read two articles in the knowledge base that said I could either do it by enabling passenger in the control panel, or use Nginx and add a proxy with the port number specified in app.js

I followed the instructions provided in the articles. I managed to install nvm and node successfully. I also added a proxy from the proxy menu. To do this, I just added just used my domain name only ( and added the port number that I used in the app.js server code.

I can run the server using the command node app.js. But I can’t get it to load the connect.html webpage without including in the URL, the port number that I specified in app.js.

The option with passenger doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I can’t even tell if passenger has started or if it is running.

Can anyone help with this? Happy to provide more information if required.

The hostname you mention currently resolves to an IP address in Germany. You won’t be able to use it to access the DH VPS until you change its address at your 3rd party DNS host.

Argh! My bad. The domain name is

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