Issue with Switching WordPress Page to being "Fully Hosted" at my .com


Okay, I’m ENTIRELY new to all of this. This is my first webpage ever as of two days ago. So, pardon my ignorance.

I designed my page on Wordpress, so the url was . I didn’t want the “wp” there any longer, so I looked into options to have it simply as .

Here’s where the problems arise.

I went into “Manage Domains” on the Dreamhost Admin page, then under “Web Hosting” I clicked edit. Then I changed the line that said “web directory” to read “”. (Note: These were the directions given to me during live chat support.)

It’s been something like 20 hours now. I suppose the database is being transferred, or something? Well, going to results in just seeing the content (text), but none of the style. Is stuff still being transferred, or do I have to take more steps in transferring these files? Or changing the extensions? Or something? I’m really confused.

But additionally, I’m unable to login at the WordPress admin page, because it insists on trying to log me in to , which results in a “404 not found.”




Nevermind, y’all! Been resolved.



How else do you expect it to be resolved? :wink: