Issue with site not opening correctly

UPDATE: According to the friendly people on live chat at Wordpress, if the domain transfer from is to do with the problem I’m experiencing, apparently the issue lies with GDPR. I’m unable to transfer my domain across to DreamHost because of this. They’ve recommended chatting with you directly to resolve the issue.

Here’s what they said:

It means that you’ll need to explain the situation to DreamHost - we’ve been seeing this happen with Bluehost a lot lately, and customers have had to go back to Bluehost and explain the problem for the transfers to go through. We’ve been pushing from our end as well, but the only effective thing has been customers talking to the hosts themselves. Here is more information: https:// en. support. wordpress. com /move-domain/transfer-domain-registration/#what-if-my-new-registrar-says-they-cant-start-my-transfer-because-my-contact-information-is-not-public


Hi all,

New here. I’ve recently moved a domain built on Wordpress com across to Dreamhost for the first time. I’ve set up the new site using and everything has been transferred across fine.

However, when I try to access the wp-login area i get a ‘safari cant establish a secure connection to the server’ and Firefox displays ‘uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed. The certificate is not valid for the name…’

I’m in uncharted territories here. The domain is still hosted with Wordpress com and have tried to move it across to Dreamhost however it has failed. Reluctant to do it again until I can resolve the issue and not spend another $10.

Any help and advice would be welcome.


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