Issue with payments


After trying out Dreamhost already, even though I am still on a trial, I want to use the service on a continual basis.

However, because my payday is 2 days after the rebill date, I am concerned about the site being cut out of my control. How is overdue accounts (even by two days) handled. Will I still have Panel access to make a payment? Or is there a max period in which the sites payments are overdue by?

Thanks in advance.

You will have plenty of time to make your payment. Accounts are not suspended for non payment until they are seriously overdue, and a few days, even a month, is never a problem. :wink:

You will always have panel access to make a payment even if your account is so seriously overdue that it is suspended. If you have more specific questions about your account, contact support and they will give you definitive answers as they relate to your specific account.

So I worried over nothing…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help, really appreciated!