Issue with installing One-Click software

Hello, Today I tried to install Wordpress with dreamhost and it isn’t letting to install it. It won’t even show my url in the box. What do I do?

Your domain is currently set up as Google hosted. You will need to change it to Fully Hosted in the “Manage Domains” panel tab before you can install applications to it.

I signed up for the trial, so now I need to pay a fee for this or not? All I want to do is try it out first. Or am I in the incorrect area?

No, there isn’t a fee involved. It’s just a setting you need to change.

please explain more or how do you change it?

Go to the “Manage Domains” tab of the panel, click the “Edit” button on your domain, scroll down to the button that says “Fully host this domain” (above the “Google Hosted”) section, and click it. You can change the settings above that button as well if you want, but the defaults should all be fine.

I am sorry to tell you Andrew, I had to pay a fee for hosting it. I need to stop this, since I only wanted to try it first.

Well Andrew and anyone that reads this posting, I was charged a fee for my supposely “free trial” and also a fee for One-Click Software. I created and closed my account the same day, and still gotten fees. I am not very happy customer. :frowning:

AngelaPeb, I’m very sorry to hear that :frowning:

There is no fee for using the One-Click software, so I find that particularly surprising to hear. However I think I may understand what happened with the free trial. explains this better than I can.

If you can still log in to your account, please open up a support ticket, so our billing department can see what can be done about those charges. If not, please visit and send a message to billing so they can sort this out for you.