Issue with email

I’m losing my mind a bit with an email problem!

I moved hosting over to dreamhost a couple weeks ago for All the addresses seem to be receiving email fine EXCEPT from one specific domain (of course the one I need): We share emails quite frequently so this is a big inconvenience.

The worst part is, no error message and no delivery occur (but it seems like the intplant address can send email to but not receive it.).

I’ve white listed all the domain at dreamhost (no luck)
I’ve white listed on the summittreesales cpanel (no luck)
I’ve even went as far as converting to Office 365 mail, but still the address does not work when sending to

Even more confusing is when I look at my cpanel log for it says the email was a success! (yet nothing ever arrives at

Event: success success
User: (masked)
Sent Time: Jun 12, 2017 3:39:15 PM
Sender Host:
Sender IP: ::1
Authentication: dovecot_login
Spam Score:
Delivery User: intplant
Delivery Domain:
Delivered To:
Router: virtual_user
Transport: dovecot_virtual_delivery
Out Time: Jun 12, 2017 3:39:15 PM
ID: 1dKVBW-00057x-UA
Delivery Host: localhost
Delivery IP:
Size: 654 bytes
Result: Accepted

I’m listening to ANY ideas at this point!

How are you sending from Office 365 mail? If you’re using a client like outlook, thunderbird etc why don’t you try from OWA (

If that works then your local client is still SMTP configured to the dreamhost server…

Well strangely enough sending actually works, but the address cannot receive from the address. No error message either. And it was that way when it was configured through dreamhost NS and now office365 NS.

I think I’ve resolved the issue. I still had existing email account created under DreamHost with the same address as my office365 addresses. Once those were deleted, email started functioning correctly. I still don’t know why I could receive mail from when it was set to DreamHost’s Name Servers. I’ll keep playing with it.

Thanks for listening! Now I’ve got a new question, but it’ll be for a new thread.