Issue with Dreamhosters and Contact Form 7

Hi, I’m not sure whether to start with this support site, or Contact Form 7’s support, so I figured I’d start here, since it seems more likely to be an issue with my hosting.

I installed Contact Form 7 and am using the default settings. When I try to test to make sure the form works, I get the following error:

Validation errors occurred. Please confirm the fields and submit it again.
Email address seems invalid.

I am using my own email address, and I double-checked to make sure it’s formatted correctly. I tested this both in Chrome and Firefox, and got the same result.

Is this because I am using Dreamhosters? I am forced to use it for the time being because the domain I’ll be using already has a live site on it, and my client understandably wants to minimize downtime as much as possible.

The contact form is located here:

Any help would be appreciated!

There could be many issues, but lets start with the most common.

for that error, it sounds like you may have some other settings wrong. or perhaps the email address you are trying to use is not a dreamhost email address.

I’m not sure what Contact Form 7’s default settings are, but at dreamhost you must send From a valid email address on your domain. You can’t use the email address supplied by the user, or a non-dreamhost email address such as gmail.

There are also a number of threads in this forum about getting contact form 7 to work. Forum Search is bad, but use this link for a nice google search of this forum