Issue with child and parent theme

Hello everybody !

I have activated a theme child in my wordpress however the two following messages appears both on my wp-admin panel and on my website (


In addition the layout on my theme child seems wrong, especially the text box area which is a lot bigger in my original parent theme. I made sure to import the parent theme’s style.css file the right way by creating a functions.php file in my child theme, but still something doesn’t look quite right with my child theme.

Here is the code I use for my child theme functions.php file:

Any idea why these messages are appearing on my website ? And why the layout doesn’t look right ?
Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

The file system is case sensitive. /home/myusername/ is not the same as /home/myusername/

Hello Atropos7 ! Thanks for your answer.

So to address the capitalization, I opened my child theme style.css file and changed my website address to, instead of http://prunelle… It was the only prunellechamaret I could think of and that wasn’t capitalized. My child theme style.css file now looks like this:

/* Theme Name: matchbook2-child Theme URI: Description: This is a child theme Author: Pru; Author URI: Template: matchbook2 Version: 1.0.0 */

It didn’t make things any better on my website. The “failed opening …” messages are still displayed.
I am not really sure what I was supposed to capitalized. I am such a noob. Could you maybe guide me a bit more please ?

Also, in my matchbook2 I found this path, and all I can see is that in filezilla, prunellechamaret is capitalized:

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:
Pru with the capital P actually IS the name of the domain folder for your account. Don’t worry about that. Normally it’s a lowercase P, but sometimes it happens.

The file wp-content/themes/matchbook2-child/includes/stop-ie6/stopie6.php doesn’t exist.

The issue is matchbook2/functions.php is (for some reason) telling the theme that it should look in the CHILD and not the PARENT. I’m not a theme expert (I do plugins) so this took me a moment to detangle.

In the functions.php file, there’s this:

include_once (STYLESHEETPATH . '/includes/stop-ie6/stopie6.php');

That’s calling which says “Retrieve stylesheet directory Path for the current theme/child theme.” It shoudl be using the TEMPLATE path… And when I read the functions.php, I saw this:

// This path is set for use in a child theme.  The code could be updated in a few places
// to TEMPLATEPATH if this was being used in a parent theme.

facepalm So the theme KNEW it was doing it wrong, and did it anyway.

To fix, change all references of STYLESHEETPATH to TEMPLATEPATH in functions.php for matchbox2, however I would go after that theme dev with a mallet and explain that if you know what to do and you don’t do it, there you bloody well are, aren’t you?

Problem SOLVED !

Thank you so much Ipstenu :’)
I changed all references of STYLESHEETPATH to TEMPLATEPATH in matchbook2’s functions.php. and it worked !
I posted on three different forums, and everybody sort of ignored my plight because the problem was too intricate.
I was so desperate, I was about to ask the creator for their help, but turned out they had taken down the theme !
Ahhhh… thank you really thank you ! I have been wanting to start customizing my theme fort he past 3 weeks and now I fianally can !

Wish I could change my thread title to “SOLVED” but the “click and hold to edit” do not work for me :confused:

Last question, is it possible to change the size of the text box in my theme so to make it bigger, or is it a fixed feature ?

Never mind about this last question. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Welcome :smiley: No worries :smiley: