Issue: Temporarily locked out due to excess incorrect login attempts


Temporarily locked out due to excess incorrect login attempts.

Same issues as others, tried resetting my password, can’t login because my account is locked to submit a ticket.


Same here… FFS DH … I can’t wait 48 hours to get back into my account.


Same issue here… Where should I open a support ticket once I can’t access my DH account?


Hi @Oonej @Ethical_Brand @Jonathan_Pereira

If you are not able to login to the panel you can use this link select the “i can’t login” or “other” option from the drop down menu to report the issue to our account verification team and include an email you have access to and they will be happy to assist!


Me too, and I never had a bad login. I just created my account yesterday. Judging by all these me-too posts this looks like a hyperactive security bug. I have to admit, my initial impression of Dreamhost is more like Nightmarehost. Took hours to “verify” my account (despite that it took seconds to charge my credit-card). Now I can’t touch the thing.

I get the need for security but the most secure hosting solution is to not host anything, to have a system that is entirely locked up and unusable. If we can’t use the service, then the service may as well not exist.