Issue Setting up Hosting

I registered my domain, with GoDaddy. I also changed the nameservers to the ns1, ns2, and ns3. Despite this-- as well as uploading an index.html hello world test page-- I can’t seem to get my site to load. I even tried changing the A(host) to point to the one that Dreamhost listed on the DNS page, but that only served to get rid of the godaddy splash page.

I’m not really sure what to do next to resolve this. Unfortunately, my background is in Information Systems and programming (C, C++) not web design… so I will really appreciate some advice.

dns changes can take a while, sometimes even a couple of days. Be patient, come back if you are still having the issue in a day or two

and youi can always use to get an idea what’s happaning with DNS… but there is no instant joy when you do ANYTHING that effects DNS…why? All the 1000’s of worldwide DNS servers need time to get the updates…

It looks like you’re all set! I’m seeing redirect to successfully. Is everything OK on your end?