ISP timing out on all my dreamhost sites?


Hi all

I’m at my wit’s end trying to figure out what’s going on with my sites. Yesterday they were all fine, and today when I try to connect they just time out. Support had me run a traceroute and said it didn’t look healthy, so I need to contact my ISP. My ISP is notoriously unhelpful so I’m a bit worried as my sites include my main business site!

Has anybody else had this happen?


It’s really impossible to say without more information. What are you actually seeing? Slow loading times? 500 errors? Have you checked your server error logs?

You’re posting in a community-led forum, so we don’t know what your sites are, and can’t look at them for ourselves.

If you try to access your sites from a computer other than your usual computer (such as at the library), does the issue go away? If so, then it’s definitely your ISP, and not your host.


Thanks for the reply.

The loading times are so slow that I don’t get an error or anything, the sites simply won’t load. DreamHost help had me check through a proxy and they were fine, so clearly the issue is something on my end. It happened overnight and I’m curious to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar, or what solved it.


Definitely check form another location using a different ISP. (Even your phone connection without wifi on.)

Is it just your sites, or all sites that you visit? Have you tried powering everything down (modem, router, computer) and restarting after five minutes?


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