ISP-less e-mail

Hi gang.

I’m going to be without an ISP for a week, while things change over to a new one.

Is there anyway I can access my mail from Dreamhost account, other than through my ISP.

Can I aces it online from my work computer without having to set up an POP 3 account, in the way for instance I can access my hotmail?

If not can I divert my mail temporarily to my hotmail address?

Thanks for you time.

Your email should be accessable through the web. For example if your domain name is then you should be able to access it at
You should also find this information in the control panel in the mail section. It should give the web address and username(s) of any emails that you set up. It no longer shows the password but does allow you to change it.

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Many many thanks silk!

You’ve made a happy man very old!