ISP comparisons

Please be patient with my ignorance. I’m a newbie

First, am I right in thinking that I need to pay an ISP to access the Internet and I pay DreamHost to host my website and give me all kinds of other features?

Second, if so, can anyone recommend one ISP over another. It’s for an office, so business fees apply. We’ll need DSL at the very least and will be dealing with internal modem for a desktop as well as possible mobile computing for laptops via a router. We will probably only have one or two computers online at the same time.

I am in the Philly suburbs and am looking into Verizon vs. Comcast vs. Erol’s(RCN?).

Any advice?


I recommend Speakeasy ( if you can get it in your location (you probably can). They are great!

AND they have great music on hold.

I am in the Philly suburbs too (Swarthmore), and I have Comcast High Speed Internet. They offer a business package, but I am only familiar with the performance of the “home” version.

I have been thoroughly satisfied with the service. It offers 3 megabits per second (substantially faster than DSL) with very little downtime. On the two occasions when my service was interrupted, Comcast engineers responded immediately.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

And Speakeasy is now promoting the Firefox browser, which is another good point in their favor.

– Dan

Though they spammed me asking if I wanted them to make a donation (for the Firefox ad) in my name, which (in my mind) is a point against them, especially since I had already requested not to receive marketing emails and since there’s apparently no way not to receive them.