ISP blocking e-mail originating from Wordpress?



Using: Wordpress 3.3.2 with the user subscription management system s2member.

A user contacted me noting that they receive the newsletters and announcements all handled through MailChimp, but they don’t receive any website system notifications via Wordpress, e.g. Lost Password notifications, etc. User checked the spam and trash folders and filters and I double-checked that the recorded e-mail address and username are correct. Everything checks out. The lost password function e-mails me at my personal gmail account in seconds. My user is at an address.

I’m a bit fuzzy on the details, but I gather that Wordpress is using the innate mailer function in php and so while gmail may let it through and it shows up at " via" blocks it entirely and prevents this user from seeing it at all.

Is this a Wordpress configuration I need to fix, or a DNS configuration mistake? Or is it possible hates us? I’ve had no other user complaints. Not sure how to retrieve e-mail logs (if any) from Wordpress, though I think there’s a plugin for that.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!



Generally, these messages get through. You could open a ticket with DH and see if they are having trouble with blocking email through them.

Did you set up a address? Supposedly some services will block email from domains without one.


Thanks for the ideas. Next step was to ask the DH support team, but I wanted to rule out some easy solution I didn’t think of first. Some more info from the user: apparently, it’s basically yahoo mail, but with the domain. I haven’t dealt with yahoo in years so I didn’t know they did things like that.

I didn’t set up a postmaster address yet, but I’ll try that. Thanks. It doesn’t have to do anything other than exist, right? The messages from the wordpress system can come from, say, "" instead with the help of another plugin or two.



This might not be much help, but I use WordPress also with s2members and I checked and have about 10 customers. I have never had any complaints about not getting emails from WordPress which I know they get after their user/pwd is created.

The only difference is that I do not use MailChimp, so maybe you should focus on that plugin.

I do have a postmaster email address. It just needs to exist and then you can ignore it.



Thanks! MailChimp is an external mailer, not a plugin, so I only mentioned it to make the point that the user is receiving main identified as coming from the same address, info@… but on a different system. It connects to s2member much the same way as paypal, through an API key, etc. and the messages are generated through a MailChimp interface, not Wordpress, so the point is moot, I suppose.

In your experience, do you use any other Wordpress plugins to manage the e-mails that are sent? I know there are some that connect directly with SMTP, and perhaps that would be more stable and reliable.

I’ve added a postmaster addy and asked the user to report whether he’s received a lost password e-mail generated by the system. If it’s as simple as that, I’ll be happy :slight_smile: Thanks!


The emails actually get sent by s2members, since that is where I write the email new registerers receive.
s2members takes over a few wp functions, but I do not think it takes over lost pwd function.