Is wordpress the best starter for newbie designer?

I’m based in Singapore and want to build a site that helps consumers against unscrupulous marketing techniques.

I’d like to make the site interactive with people using the usual social networking tools, as well as shouting newsflashes to all members. They’d also have to chance to donate as well as buy things.

I have no design background in building sites though I do run a couple of them that are based on wordpress.

would you advise wordpress as a good starter to quickly build the sites or are there other “easy-to-use” software that can achieve the same result realtively easily or and quickly.

Thanks in advance


It sounds like Wordpress might be a good fit for your project. Like anything, there is a learning curve, but with little web design experience you can get a site up quickly with it and then expand, customize and improve on it as you learn more.

BuddyPress is a plug-in you can then install into Wordpress to add social features such as activity streams, forums and individual user accounts.

Joomla is another great CMS platform. It is not as easy to use as Wordpress but offers endless variety and many rich components and modules (plug-ins) to create a rich community site.

These are both available as One-clicks here. Use the Custom installation method.

BuddyPress is your best option for a social networking site that allows for users to setup their own accounts. Though if you want to limit your own security vulnerability, then a basic WordPress install should be adequate. Good luck.