Is Wordpress right for me?

Hello everyone! I’m considering signing up with DreamHost, but there are some things I need to understand before I take the plunge.

Let me very briefly describe what I want my site to do. It will allow users to open it and view menus that for wildlife photo categories. After they find a photo that they like, they can “buy” that photo and others by placing it in a cart. I will offer different “upgrades” (such as size, mats, or quantity) for each photo.

At this point, I know nothing about Wordpress, but I’ve been reading that Wordpress is the way to go for building your web site or for modifying an existing template.

My main questions are:

  1. Do you have to pay extra to use Wordpress or will the basic $4.95/month package allow me to do that?

  2. If I use Wordpress, can I easily install a cart plug in?

  3. Does Wordpress do the same thing as MS Expression Web or SharePoint Designer? I hear they’re all free. Are they all equally good.

Carlos in North Padre Island

  1. You can run WordPress on shared hosting w/no extra cost. (There is a one-click installer for WordPress.)
  2. Yes, there are many e-commerce plugins available for WordPress.
  3. I have no experience with these two other programs, so can’t say for sure. WordPress is fairly easy to modify, and is widely enough used that you can google most things and come up with an answer fairly quickly.

Thank you, kjodle!