Is whois privacy enabled for domain transfers

I have a need to transfer some of my domains from NameCheap to Dreamhost.

Since NameCheap uses WhoisGuard to provide privacy from whois, and Dreamhosts does its own thing (not sure what) to provide privacy, what happens during the time the domain is transferring? Will I be protected by NameCheap’s WhoisGuard until the domains have fully transferred to Dreamhost?

Or will there be a short period in which my information will be exposed before Dreamhost steps in?

On the other hand, if in the future I wish to transfer my domains elsewhere away from Dreamhost, will Dreamhost ensure privacy from whois when in the process of transferring?

Privacy is controlled at the registrar. DreamHost defaults to privacy enabled.

If I recall correctly the loosing registrar should not modify anything before the transfer, so your previous whois privacy should stay until the moment Dreamhost overwrites it. No guarantees though, different companies do different things.