Is webmail working for anyone anymore?

webmail login and message retrieval has been getting less and less reliable over the last several months for me. Today it barely works at all. Astonishingly, the status reports “operational” every day during these problems, even days when it doesn’t work at all. No blaming browsers, I’ve tried 3. When it works, it works on safari, but with constant “Login failed - Username or password is incorrect” alerts even when logged in and attempting to bring in mail. Chrome and Opera simply state the page doesn’t work. Tired of having standing open ticket about my mail, so thought I’d ask here, just to see if this is isolated to me. Just now it took 20 minutes of login attempts, watching little balls, failure alerts, etc etc just to retrieve the dreamhost message to reset forum password so I could come here and ask. Between this, other email problems, Sub4 and Sub5 email cluster service disruptions, things are getting frustrating.

Most likely the issues you’re having are related to this incident which at the moment is still unsolved:

I would suggest you to open a ticket to be sure that indeed that incident is affecting your email account. Sorry for the trouble.

yes I’ve done that, thanks for your reply. I was aware of the cluster problem. I always assumed, in the past, that webmail and normal email were somewhat exclusive processes, and webmail has tended to be my fallback when the other has problems.

webmail issues seem to be resolved now

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sorry… too optimistic. Same problems as before… login errors etc

"Error: Login failed - Username or password is incorrect"
even when logged in and just going to a different folder

I’ve been having the same problem for a long time now (months), intermittently. It seems to be the same issue as this one:

I’d say it’s plausible that it’s server load, because it happens to me in both webmail (using Firefox) and IMAP.

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well actually the problem comes back every few days or so… in fact today I’m getting the 3cb2d64c2cf20f9d7c4b257137d84979 code again. Maybe it just doesn’t work very well generally. I have to add though, it used to

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