Is this the shoddy service and security I should expect from DreamHost?

6 days ago I signed up for a DreamHost account hoping for a positive experience. Having been a long time, and current, FatCow user I wanted a DreamHost account for their Personal Backup service.

Long story short, after activating my Personal Backup account and setting it up appropriately I soon realized my account had permission issues. I could tell this as I had the permission to view any directory on the server from / down to individual user backup folders. Not wanting to be a creeper and being honest once I found I had this ability I contacted and demonstrated the open access to support and asked to have my permissions corrected (I really just want to use the service). An even bigger issue was I didn’t have write permission so even though I located my home directory I could not write to it. It took me some time to find my directory as the Personal Backup folder is spread across 4-5 raid arrays with 1000+ users on each array.

Support admitted there was a permissions bug on my account and that it would be dealt with. 6 days and 3 support tickets later and I still have access to the entire server and can not write to my own directory.

My question is; is this the quality of service and security I should expect from DreamHost? When made aware a user has full access to every customer’s backup files it takes them >6 days (it still hasn’t been resolved) to not only cut off my access to view every directory on the server, but also resolve my issue of not being able to use the service as I originally wanted it.

No. I’ve been here since Aug 2009 and made about five tickets, all were quick and helpful except for one, which was completely irrelevant to my question. The other four were great though.

No web host is going to be “perfect”, but I can assure you that isn’t the typical ticket procedure.

I agree that this isn’t the typical experience. I’ve had a few permission issues within my own directories (that I created while fiddling around with the CHMOD command). DreamHost fixed the issue – several times – without giving me crap for causing the problem to begin with. Their responses for this and other issues have always been fast and courteous.

I’m currently dealing with a major email outage after Dreamhost unexpectedly moved my email server without warning. This is the first issue I’ve had with Dreamhost where their service is unacceptable.

When I’ve had technical issues with DH in the past, they were typically very helpful and responsive. The “call back request” function worked great and I could expect a personal response within 60-90 minutes at most.

However today’s issue hasn’t even been acknowledged, received any response nor have I received my requested callback. My clients are understanding when things go wrong, but they will not accept ignored trouble tickets and tech support that is completely unresponsive.

I’m concerned that Dreamhost has slid beyond the acceptable range of customer service and it’s disappointing considering my 7+ year relationship with the otherwise outstanding company.

[quote=“sydlor, post:1, topic:53656”]
… When made aware a user has full access to every customer’s backup files it takes them >6 days (it still hasn’t been resolved) to not only cut off my access to view every directory on the server,…[/quote]

What’s your password :slight_smile:

I had the same problem you describe, but on another host. I couldn’t get it through their heads that I had full access to every account, but my own. Once I posted a partial list in the forum (I got kicked out of that) did they fix it - without saying a word. (NOTE: wasn’t here at DH)

BTW - don’t feel bad. I am only on day 15 of trying to set up an account. I find that on DH, as with many other Hosts, the tickets are handled by too many people whom it seems some only read the first and last words, Google those words, then cut & paste a link.

Most Hosts support teams are under pressure to get through X number of tickets/calls per hour. Almost all call-centres have this too. As well, too many are made to multi-task between tickets and/or calls and/or chats. Ever wonder why chats often take so long for them to type back? So, it’s not always the writer of the ticket reply, it’s the gun at their head.

I can’t and won’t complain about DH because I’ve no idea what their support is like for customers - because try as I might, I’m not a customer. I only know what it’s like trying to become one :wink: and I’m reading these Forums to decide if, and what, and where to take my business.


I’ve had great response times with DH, good customer service, and with good results.

However, you being able to see everyone’s files is unacceptable. This must get escalated (I don’t want you to see my farm - I mean family videos :stuck_out_tongue: ).