Is this spam or legit

I just got a a new domain name… its asked me to varify my address

is this a real or spam

I’d be inclined to forward it as an attachment to and have them look into it.

Hey, these are legit emails. ICANN requires the contact domain’s contact address from who is be verified, and those emails are sent for that purpose. You can read more about this here:

But this is a new web name service etc. not a transfer

Verification needs to be done with new domain registrations as well.

“Any Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) New Registrations or Contact Modifications (WHOIS update for First Name, Last Name, Email Address, aka “Contact info”) must be verified by the Registrant. This is a policy created by ICANN, not DreamHost.”

DreamHost should probably address the WHOIS response for that domain – it returned hidden registrant data (domain privacy) and doesn’t use DreamHost nameservers when I checked before replying in this thread.

That’s a valid point, and I will see who I can escalate that with.

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Msg @Brett: “wtfm8? [link to the thread]”.

I think Brett is an pretty cool guy. Eh does DreamHost and doesn’t afraid of anything.

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I brought this up with the domains manager, and it is currently being looked into.

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Eh DOES do DreamHost and doesn’t afraid of anything. Except maybe spiders?

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