Is this safe?

A friend bought the domain name “” on GoDaddy. I’m creating the content here on DreamHost. So I created a directory “” and he pointed his domain at me by changing his NameServer information to:


That has worked; the content I put in my directory “” shows up on the web. But couldn’t anyone else with a Dreamhost account also set up a directory “”? Is my approach safe?

Thanks for any advice.


You’ve done the right thing, and yes someone could have pre-hijacked it.

If you go to your domain panel and add (literally, try it) you’ll get a warning that is already in the system or somesuch. If you had tried adding your friend’s domain and had received that error, that’s when things might have gone astray. If someone else had previously added your friend’s domain to their userspace you’d have to get in touch with Support and get them to sort it out before changing the NameServers. But they haven’t, so it’s all good :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback.