Is this safe?


i need to upload big amount of file (80 GB ) files to my dreamhost account. i have a slow internet connection. so i would like someone else to upload the files.

  1. is it safe to let a stranger do the uploading process?
  2. how to allow temporary access to the person?
  3. after the job is over is it possible to delete the access so that the other party cannot access my dreamhost account?
  4. also i would want them to access only a single directory, not all my directories in my account. is it possible? how ?

please clarify. thanks in advance.


Strictly answering your listed questions, without comment on what the 80GB worth of files might be in regards to TOS (which is another consideration you may not have considered):

There is always a risk involved when you let someone other than yourself have access to an account for which you are responsible. Only you can decide if the risk involved is acceptable to you. :wink:

Create a new sftp/ftp only user and provide the person with that users credentials (and keep them for yourself also). They can then upload the files to a directory owned by that user, and they can access only that directory. You can also access that directory by using those same credentials (as that user).

After the job is over, set the permissions on the files so that you can copy them to your user directory,copy them to your directory, and then either delete the extra user altogether or change the password in the control panel so that the other person can no longer access the directory or the account.

This is answered ias part of the answer to question #2.



why do you say like that? The 80 GB files is GNU GPL licensed and maybe uploaded for my site uses only. i really don’t understand if that is against tos. if so please tell me. thanks.

update: i will not upload it if it is against dreamhost tos.


You should be ok with GNU GPL licensed stuff, but say it was copyrighted stuff that was going onto your website so others could download that would be against TOS.

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I only said that because you asked if it was “safe”, and didn’t really explain what you meant by “safe”.

It certainly wouldn’t be “safe” for your account if you uploaded data in violation of the TOS, so I was just covering my bases by saying I was only responding to your listed questions.

I did not want you to assume that since “rlparker said it was safe”, you should go out and upload 80 GB of copyright infringing material, or other content that could cause you problems with your account.

You can read the TOS as well as I can, so you should be quite capable of determining whether or not uploading that GNU GPL licensed content violates the TOS. It sounds to me as though it should not be a problem, but I didn’t know what you are doing, so I qualified my statement.

Then I wouldn’t concern myself with it further. :wink: