Is this possible? (DNS)

I was wondering if it’s possible with DH shared hosting plans to have a subdomain like mapped to my home IP address (which is on DSL behind NAT, and changes occassionally).

Sort of like setting up my own service like, but just for me. :wink:

I tried going into the DNS stuff in the control panel to have a look, but it pretty much said “if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t futz with this” so I pretty much said “okay”. :wink:

Anyway, just curious if anyone knows the answer to this.


If you have a dynamic IP, you’d want to signup with a dynamic DNS service and then make a CNAME to (or whatever). You could just edit the entry whenever your IP changes too, but that would probably get pretty annoying after a while. We don’t offer a dynamic DNS service of our own, nor do we have plans to offer one.