Is this normal quality and performance

Could a few long term DreamHost customers please share their opinion with me?

I’ve had 3 accounts here on different servers for about 3 months. Our experience has been fairly disappointing, slow servers, short outages, sluggish control panel, horrible Zen Cart performance, etc.

I have opened up a couple of noname accounts elsewhere and things seem to run much better.

While I will keep my account open just for the sheer joy of reading the Dreamhost Blog ( great humor, real people )
I am really beginning to wonder if this is just a really bad phase for Dreamhost.

How can I determine if it’s always mediocre here or if I should try to wait it out and hope things improve?

Hi Krammer!
Well, it’s hard to predict about the future, but I can tell you a little about my experiences in the past. Generally the DH service quality has been very good, though there have been a few occasions of big problems like DDOS attacks that took some hours to some days to clear up, or a power outage even. These are things I hadn’t experienced with my earlier hosting providers (them being small unknown companies with few an unknown websites). I think these things happe n to DH mainly because they are so big and they host so many sites. More sites = more targets for attacks. They do a terrific job of informing customers of the current status, even if it’s as frank as “we screwed up”, and they are usually fast to clear up the issues. Mind you, my sites are not commercial-grade and so I don’t worry about these occasional incidents. General Motors would probably not host with DH; they’d do it themselves.

The frequent slowness of the DH Web Panel and the occasional unreachability of it is the only thing that really tends to bug me. The Panel itself is good, feature-wise. I haven’t tried the much-touted “cpanel” but I hear the DH Panel is better, though it could use a code and design rework.

Mail service has been up practically all of the time, except during the DDOS or power outages. The junk mail filtering is very valuable, too. It’s not bullet-proof, but without this initial filter, I’d drown so badly that I could stop using mail altogether.

So, will it improve? I don’t know, but I feel that the current state is a group of problems that are working together against us and DH. I expect that they will have this fixed at the end of September, and then it will be back to normal – that being “not 100% uptime, but recommendable for non-critical hosting”.

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Personally my customer service with DH has been great, they’ve been very responsive and helpful.

The spam filter is useless (as it’s too old) but you can install the newer version yourself if you wish to tackle on SSH.

Just as an example, one of my customers gets 100-125 spam messages a day (yeah i know it’s a lot but it’s a long established business with the spam to go with it) and spamassassin will catch about 25 additional. I guess 25% is better than nothing. On updated versions only about 10 messages get through the filter.

Speed for static HTML has never been an issue, PHP is somewhat slow but god forbid you include mySQL… you’ll increase even a basic query to atleast a full second if not more where otherhosts would be around 100ms.

This adds up and pisses customers off. So basically i’ve switched any business/commerce sites off of DH until/if issues get resolved.

Overall DH is great for personal sites, can’t beat the price for what you get.

I’ve used them since '97. Until about 2003 or 2004 they were great. The last few years have been poor. This spring they started doing better, but now have become worse than ever for the past month or so.

I’ve been with DH a little less than a year. Until the last month or two I was pretty content. I had low expectations because of the price, and there were some definitely some areas where DH could have used some improvement, but once things worked they generally kept working. I wouldn’t have been happy if I’d paid top dollar, but at the time I thought DH was providing very good value.

The last month or two have been really lousy. For the last day my site has been so slow as to be unusable - for the second time this week - and there’s nothing on the status page about it nor have I heard back from the ticket I submitted yesterday around this time.

To put it another way, for the last month or two the DH Status page has been one of the sites I visit daily, just so I can get an idea if things should be working that day or not.

Moving to DH three months ago is pretty unlucky. Are you still within the 97 day window to get a refund? If so, I’d probably take the money and go elsewhere. You can always try DH again after (if?) they get these problems under control. Sorry if that offends any of the DH apologists, but there’s no sense in signing a contract with a host that’s experiencing so many problems when there are so many alternatives out there. If my contract were up now I’d probably be switching too.

Yes. Unfortunately, this is normal service for them…