Is this information illegal to host?


Hi guys,

Just have a question regarding information on mod chips. Is it illegal to host information say about game compatibility on a modchip? (This is the only information that will be on the site).



Only DreamHost can answer with authority what they’ll allow to be hosted. You’d have to contact Sales (or Abuse at dreamhost dotcom) to get a real answer.



Thanks, will do that now :slight_smile:


For informations, it should be fine as long as there is no copyright issue.

However, the best to to ask DH support for sure.

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Are you asking whether:

  1. it is illegal to post the compatibility information
  2. whether Dreamhost will act if served with a DMCA notice
  3. whether Dreamhost will find the content blatantly in violation of copyright or laws related to instructing people how to break encryption.

To find legal advice about the legal standing on posting modchip information, you’ll need to either consult a lawyer (we always say that, don’t we? :slight_smile: ), or be like most people and just do a web search instead. The last time this question was posted here, there weren’t many experts that chimed in. I don’t the Dreamhost support team has anyone familiar with the landscape of copyright and DMCA and its applicability to modchips.

Dreamhost will act if served with a DMCA notice.

Finally, it seems to me like most sites have taken the view that posting information about modchips as reference or academic material is accetable and that as long as they don’t post actual links to modchips sites or ROM sites, they’re fine. Again, I haven’t studied the landscape extensively and you should do your own research in the modchip community.

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