Is this for real!


I am sure many of you got this EMAIL from DH.
I have been promoting DH for many years and given theM many customers.
As all can see I have NO signature with a link.

Yes, somestimes I get an email from DH, I made another 4-5-6-7 USA dollars. Just because I use Files Forever and a customer see’s my websites runs smoothly so he/she openS DH.


Sorry Guys, I just like you and the service too much.


Want to make your summer cooler in July? How about some cold hard cash? Sound good? You’re in luck!

Effective immediately you’ll get $110 CASH for every new hosting customer you refer to DreamHost. If it sounds easy, that’s because it is easy! For a limited time you’ll earn $110 for every new customer you refer, but you’ll need to act fast! On September 17, 2012, our referral payout will drop down to the everyday rate of $97.

You’ve already done the hard work (well, not really that hard) and set up your affiliate account. Now you’re ready to start making the big bucks this summer. We know it’s been hot, so pick up some extra cool cash this summer.

As always, we thank you for being a DreamHost customer! Now the rest is up to you. Don’t forget, you’ll still receive $5 for every sub-referral too! All valid orders must be processed before September 17th to qualify.

Remember, you can grab your affiliate links, banner ads, and the official terms of our affiliate program at

Happy Referrals from the DreamHost Team!


Dreamhosts marketing is odd, if I understand it correctly.

So I have “promo codes” created that either give the max cash discount or 3 free IP’s for the life of the account. Becasue anyone that I refer uses those, I don’t see any payout for referrals. However if I use the affiliate program to get the $97 (now raised $13 to $110 for a limited time) then the person signing up can’t use the promocode. Then to top it off Dreamhost does there own promos, that typically pop-up over holiday weekends, giving folks signing up the same discounts my promo codes can offer, yet those deals don’t accept a “referral code”

So I understand, dreamhost has two programs, and I understand the reasons for each, but in the end I don’t end up proactively promoting dreamhost because the easy sell is the promo codes that don’t pay out an affiliate commission, and getting someone to pay full price for an account (to earn the affiliate commission) is harder when dreamhost has all these “self” discount promotions that pop up frequently (typically on holiday weekends.)

If I’ve misunderstood this I hope someone will set me straight, but in the end. A new customer that does his homework will probably find a “TAKE97NOW” or “MAXIPS” promocode and use it, thus circumventing the referral commission.

(FWIW… MAXIPS really is the best value if the user will ever need 3 dedicated IP’s)


Yeah, our affiliate program can get a little confusing at times. No argument there!

Anyways, what we’ve done here is temporarily bumped up the affiliate “purse” from $97 to $110. Promo codes that previously gave $97 off will continue to give the same discount; the promo code’s creator will now just get $13 for anyone that uses it during this period. The same is true of all other promotion codes: customers will get the same discounts as before, affiliates will just get a slightly larger bonus for signups made using them.

We are aware that there are some imperfections in the way our own promotions interact with affiliate referrals — we’re still trying to figure out how to best handle these. Please let us know if you have any bright ideas. :slight_smile:


The key seems to be always paying something, and involving the customers rather than cutting them out of the picture.

There is no way a customers promo code can win, and customers have no incentive to create and promote promo codes.

I think they phrase is something like “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”


Is this, uh, working as intended? I got the email notification, then got notified about a referral, but the amount credited was the same as always. Oh well, maybe the referral came in first but the notifications got mixed up in delivery.


Couldn’t edit my prior post, but did want to follow-up to mention that it was indeed working as intended on the next referral. I’m guessing I just got my notification emails in the wrong order.

BTW, this is a pretty cool way to share some love with the affiliates :slight_smile: