Is this for me?

hi all:

i produce video for clients and I would like to find a place to store/host them for download…I will need to password-protect the various files/videos so that customers can’t see each others’ videos (some of my customers are competitors so I can’t have each looking at/downloading the others’ videos). I am thinking of directing clients to ftp client software to download content from my server.

I need about 1 Tb of space…reading through the DH TOS it looks like this whole scenario is a no-no (primarily using their services to store/transfer data, which is what i am doing), or am I wrong? Does DH offer such a service up front so I don’t have to go through tapping out my ‘unlimited’ allowance beforehand? And if i can do all that, can i set usernames/passwords for individual users?

As you can see, im a newbie at this…i tried to set up a home ftp server thinking I could have my clients simply download their content from my external hard drive, but the transfer rates were too slow, my router was giving me some trouble and I have a dynamic IP addy, etc., all of which made me start looking for alternatives such as DH, as other hosting sites appear cost-prohibitive.


The only thing I can think of is Files Forever:

Then there’s Amazon’s S3 service, but I’ve never explored that one.


You should probably use host dedicated to the task for those files - then you’ll have a server with performance optimized for video. I have heard good things about Brightcove; don’t know about alternatives. (Vimeo is also popular but for non-commercial use only.)

You could upload videos for download, but to store them is against the tos I think if you don’t use the files for ever thing.

To set up password protection is pretty easy on a directory basis in a website, they are done through .htaccess files which can be generated easily through DH’s web panel, you can set multiple users to have access to a directory if needed.

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