Is this a record? ;)

Your open Support Requests:

Message Age
22 days 13 hours

It’s remarkable in that they haven’t just closed it with an email saying “Glad it’s fixed” (Reguardless of it’s actual status) and moved on.

I have soem that would be older than that, if they were going to fix the actual problem. but they aren’t so they let me fix the symptom and moved on.

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In this case the message has been left open as a reminder to the responsible person to implement the suggested change, it looks like. We do sometimes leave message open to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks. It does look funny to see them get that old, though!

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[quote]Your open Support Requests:

Message Age
22 days 13 hours


Nope, not even close - I’ve had open requests that continued on for a few months (typically for the reason Dallas mentioned - they weren’t being actively worked on and nobody was waiting on anything, but because this served as a reminder to check on something from time to time).

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