Is this a crazy thing to do?

A client has a domain registered not on Dreamhost, where they have their (MX) mail setup, but they had no website (A).

I pointed their ‘A’ record to the IP where I’m hosting the new site on Dreamhost (by looking at the A record from the Dreamhost DNS records). All’s been tickety boo for about 6 months now.

Is this a crazy thing to do? Is the IP likely to change anytime soon? If I have to change the A record every couple of years perhaps then it’s ok but if it’s more often, then what are my other options? For more ‘serious’ sites I have VPSs elsewhere but these are minor low-priority sites where the client’s priority is that their mail is unaffected.

I’m not using a unique IP (which could change too) but is probably less likely(?).

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

If and when it breaks just check the new IP via Panel.

Affording the domain an Unique IP is a good idea on the face of it, but I seem to recall that even your “own” Unique IP could change. (i.e. you’ll still have an unique one in that your domain is the only one attached to it, but it could be different at any given time - much like the boat you’re in presently).

Crazy or not; if it’s working - then it’s working!

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