Is there something wrong with your billing system?


I sign up for service LAST friday night. My account is still pending. I have sent email to support and have not heard a single thing. Google checkout show my order went thru and they charged my card. I have heard a few good things about DH but this is ridiculous, I ordered on the 19th and have not heard a single word from DH for a week? If you guys are not looking for customer, please let me know so i can move on, dont leave customer hanging for days without a single respond.

I am posting this message here in hope that someone will be able to see this and look into this. If by tomorrow noon and I still can not use my account, I am forced to go with another provider as I need to setup stuff and test and get things up.

My Account number is 386229.


This is a customer-to-customer forum. However, it is not uncommon for Google Checkout to take a while. Just do a search here for “google checkout” and you’ll get a bunch of hits.

Have you checked your Support History in the panel? There may be a message in there for you. While you’re at it, use the Support section in the panel to send a regular support request (instead of using email). They often reply within 24 hours. However, waiting until the weekend to raise this issue isn’t the best timing, as there’s reduced staff on the weekends.



I also suspect that the billing mistake created an “all hands on deck” situation where all non-critical folks are focused on handling the critical support requests created by people panicked about their financial situation.

That said, Scott is right in that if you’re overseas, we’ve heard of accounts taking up to a couple of weeks to clear. If you’re in the US, there have been a couple of examples of delays being a portent of bad news for you, unfortunately (as in “not approved”).

Finally, you might take it on yourself to understand that you applied on a Saturday of a three day weekend. If your account got flagged for manual confirmation, that might not be able to start until Tuesday, the next available banking day.

Good luck, though. I hope everything works out for you!

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We had trouble trying to create a new account on our Mac – we finally tried on the PC and it went through. Don’t know whether that has anything to do with the new billing system, because we’ve set up hosting accounts before on our Macs, but thought this might have something in common.

Anyone else have trouble?


How very strange. What happened when you tried to sign up from a Mac? What browser were you using?

I bet DH support would really like to act quickly on it if the signup page didn’t work in some configurations. :wink:

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The recurring phrase I’ve seen with new users reporting some delay to the signup procedure is “Google Checkout”.


The delay is not only due to “Google Checkout” or “DreamHost”.

Since the world is globalized, it takes time for banks to complete the transactions if it is international one. It is known that signup in US is immediate. But it is slower if signup outside US which is understandable.

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I used Paypal (from Australia) and had 6 fully hosted domains up inside 2 hours.