Is there anyone left working at DH Support team?


For almost a day I’m trying to solve a support issue but no one answers my question… is it always like that? My client subscribed to the website, and her account status keeps showing “pending”, even though she made the payment with a credit card, but Dreamhost team seems to ignore my/her question. I’m honestly concerned if it’s always going to be like that from now own. I have a Dreamhost account myself with 2 websites live, and so far so good, but now I’m wondering if the support team will be there when I need…


I’m sorry that your friend has not had an answer to her support request as of yet. We endeavor to answer all requests within 24 hours, though there are times when the queue is long or the problem is complicated when it may take longer.

With new account signups, there are also anti-fraud things that need to be accomplished, and these things can take a bit of time.

If you reply via a Private message and leave me the tech support request number and account information, I will check and see what is happening with your client’s application for an account.

–DreamHost Tech Support


Thank you for your help, I sent you a private message so.


You are welcome. As I suspected, some manual processing of the account was required. I see that has been done, and a support response was sent to you approximately 5 minutes ago. :slight_smile:

–DreamHost Tech Support


Thank you very much for your help, I got a reply and it seems her account is not pending anymore, so now we can move on.