Is there anyone can help me hosting my website successfully?

Hi, I am new on hosting things. i bought a domain name in, and tried to host it in anyone can tell me the steps before having my website published successfully? 3 problems i am facing now. 1, as to pointing domain to server, is it just cover the DNS in by the DNS provided by godaddy? 2, how to use FTP client? where is the username and password from? 3, how to set up A-record? what is the relationship between A record and DNS?
thanks so much if there is anyone can help me out as i am pulling my hair out the whole day.

Where does dreamhost come into the picture for you? All you’ve mentioned in your question are dreamhost’s competitors…

yeh. is there still anyone willing to help? thank you.

You should probably go ask on the godaddy forum.

ok, it is finally done, thank you guys.