Is there any limitation of files on a host?

Im about to buy a new host here but im wondering if there is any file limitation here cos i couldnt find anything related to this subject on TOS or dreamhost wiki? ( limits 25000 files on a host no matter how much storage they take and its 50000 with and they both call the files inodes).

I just did a file and directory count for all of my sites here and got about 450,000 entries.


I don’t think Dreamhost publishes a hard limit, but I can say that they seem to have allocated 150 million inodes for the filesystem that my files are on and of that about 50 million are in use. This doesn’t say anything about how many inodes any individual account is allowed to use.

BTW, I think there are still some performance implications to having too many files in a directory.

In case you want to understand more about the relationship between inodes and files, read what WikiPedia has to say about inodes.

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You might find this information from the DreamHost wiki useful:

–DreamHost Tech Support

Thank u much sdayman, Lensman and rlparker :)!! You helped me a lot. :slight_smile: Have a nice day!!