Is there any intention to move to Ruby 1.9.x and Rails 3.1.x in a near future?



The Ruby version in the Dreamhost servers is 1.8.7, it’s a 3 years old, and a lot of changes in both functionality and speed have happened in Ruby since then, specially from 1.8.x to 1.9.x. And the Rails version is 2.0.2, the current release is 3.1.3.

Having to compile our own passenger version is really a pain in the… and using the standalone Rails server uses up a lot more RAM than it should need using the default passenger in Apache. Besides the fact that shared hosting plans won’t even have an option to use Ruby 1.9.x and Rails 3.x.

So, here is my question… is there any intention in a near future to update Ruby and Rails? How much longer will we have to wait?




You can always install your own version of Ruby locally with RVM. As for Rails 3.1, this is simply a gem, so you can install this locally with the command


Yes, but by installing another Ruby version you still have to recompile Passenger, or run Rails with it’s own webserver.


You can simply use FastCGI to run your application instead of using Passenger.


Yes, but Passenger is recommended by DH, and Passenger should result in better performance and better memory usage on the shared host–a win for the customer and a win for DH!