Is there a way to test throttling?

I’ve added a directory (where mydomain is my actual domain name) under that I understand will kick in if my bandwidth limit is exceeded. I put an index.html file in there with message that I’m down temporarily. Do I have to change dir or file permissions on it or is default ok? Is there a way to test throttling?

Thanks for any help. I’m new at this.


I would think the default permissions are fine.
The default permissions do allow file to be published on the web.

Testing it is another matter.
I’m not sure how long you can set the threshold.
Perhaps .1 might work. Then just download a large file from there until you reach the limit.

The panel does accept .1 as a valid amount.
I don’t however have the time to download 100meg to test it.

Don’t worry, it’ll work! :slight_smile:

Make sure your isn’t INSIDE your directory too… it should be “next to it”, that is, in the same directory is in (but not actually inside it). I wasn’t sure from your post if maybe you had it like that.

Also, you could add a subdomain like or something with the web dir to see what your site will look like when throttled.