Is there a way to stop an IP in mailing?

Is there a way to Block an IP that keep sending viruses to you mailbox on DreamHost? I really need to block this persons IP cause I keep getting them from him even though I bounce it back to him and they will resend it again and again. So I want to know if I can Block the IP permanantly?


Using procmail, this is possible, but it’s not trivial. Check the kbase article on procmail for more info.

Best advice in this case is not to send anything back to spammers. this only verifies that your mailbox exists and you’ll be sure to be hit again. Just my advice …

  • wil

The same thing is not necessarily the case with viruses, however.

It is true that the From address and Return-Path are generally fake in viruses, but often you can guess the sender’s actual identity by looking at the headers.

I found mailwasher a really useful utility, its bounce option does more than just sending back the mail

Thanks all…yeah I have mailwasher now…does the job I am needing.