Is there a way to reset my account

My account at DreamHost was hacked last Friday. I was finally given access to my account on Sunday. By that time everything was changed in the account and, unfortunately, it looks like my files were deleted.

I have not heard from DreamHost since they restored my access to my account. I still have two open tickets with support. One from 3 days ago and one from 2 days ago. I’m not holding my breath that these guys are going to get back to me.

Is there a way to for me to reset my account to what it was at the beginning of December? If not, is there a way to contact DreamHost so that they will reply to me and actually do this.

You can go through and do individual restores for the website and databases, but I don’t know if they go back more than a couple of weeks. Whatever it says in the panel under Restore for each item. No restores for email, though.


When i got access back to my site, my domain was deleted, which is one of the reasons i needed to talk to DH to find out if the backups are still there.

But i might as well try something, so, I just added my domain again, and then went to Manage Domain and hit the 2 week Restore option.

I got my fingers crossed that somehow, something will link together and pull the data. I’m pretty sure the way all systems work is that the website is there somewhere. The question is where. If the furthest it goes back is 2 weeks, then it probably means i have about a week and a day left before everything will be over written.

Thanks for the advice Scott. I would rather try something than nothing.

Damn that was quick. Here is the auto reply from DH:


Unfortunately we were unable to process your domain restore for as there were no available backups!

We are very sorry about this! Howevvvvver… we actually make no
guarantees about availability of backups, and highly recommend you
always keep your own copies of all important data. Please follow the
link below for instructions with this:

The Unhappy Dreamhost Domain Restore Robot!"