Is there a way to reset everything?

I’m having problems with mysql and a few other things. I was just wondering, is there a simple way to completely wipe out everything from my account (files, databases, etc.) so that it would be like I just barely opened my account and so I can start from scratch? I need to backup all my files first, so let me know how I can do that if possible. Thanks

Here’s a backup article:

So it’s not that simple, nor complicated. Just tedious. Some Deletions will cascade and wipe out users, databases, and one-click installs within a domain, so deleting entire domains will save you some other steps.

However, most will argue this is a bit of overkill if the problems are narrow in scope.

To start wiping stuff, you’ll have to go to each section and click on the X to get rid of stuff from the Panel:
Domains->Manage Domains
Users->Manage Users
Mail->Manage Mail
Goodies->Manage MySQL
Goodies->One Click Installs


Well the thing is that I am trying to install an image gallery plugin for phpbb3 and it’s not installing because of past image galleries i have tried installing and i’m not very advanced in this stuff so I don’t really know how to fix it.

I would probably suggest creating new databases, changing the folder the domain points to etc first. Once you are happy then start deleteing what you don’t need systematically.

You could also just create a new username to set up the site on, assign the domain to that username instead of your current one. That would give a clean slate while still giving the option of going back to the old account.

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