Is there a way to get better support?

I have been a very happy Dreamhost customer all the way up until the past couple of weeks and now I am suffering from constant site outages and very poor page load times (when they load).

up until a couple weeks ago my sites were always fast and support was great…but not sure what’s happened since then.

My sites are all currently down once again and this is getting very very frustrating.

What can I do to get some help other than a canned reply telling me about how to cache my Wordpress site? I actually disabled all my domains just to rule that out except for one with no traffic and that has caching…sites are just as bad and have gone down twice just today…for long periods.

I really want to be moved to another server as I requested via email since another account I have access to has the same setup and is fast as it should be…and used to be for me.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Apparently these days you’re better off to pick the live chat option in the panel than opening a ticket.

Dreamhost has an apache issue that’s been around for awhile. Time the delay and see if it’s in multiples of 30 seconds, then if you can immediately reload the page with no delay you’re most likely dealing with that issue and you have to lean on support because you can’t otherwise fix it yourself.

Give up and go elsewhere, which I am thinking about after 7 years with DH

It has been a total mess the last month without any help.
All the mess started after DH moved all to a new server.
I was happy before that