Is there a way to emulate dreamhost shared hosting on esxi vm @ home

I was thinking, it would be awesome to be able to use the vmware snapshot capability when doing testing of new development. I would like to emulate Dreamhosts shared setup on a esxi vm at home so that way i can do testing before rolling it out to production at dreamhost and possibly breaking things.

Is there an ovf or vmdk that i could download with their setup? Or a document on how to install Ubuntu and all the apps they use so i could emulate my shared production install?


I don’t have an answer, but I’ve been thinking something very similar. Except, instead of a VM image, I’d like to have a Docker container that emulated DreamHost’s Shared or VPS setup.

Whichever virtualization technology one uses, the basic setup shouldn’t be too difficult. Start with a base image for Ubuntu Trusty, and add the packages DH installs. You can see the package list with:

apt list --installed

Note that a bunch of the packages are custom DH packages ndn-* (ndn-apache22, ndn-php56, etc. “ndn” probably stands for “New Dream Network”), which are probably not public. Substituting the corresponding standard packages should mostly work.

After this basic setup, it gets a bit stickier. The fine configuration details of Ubuntu/Apache/PHP/MySQL will be harder to figure out.

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