Is there a "Server Load Alarm"?

Is there something implemented that indicates to Support or Admins that a server is under apparent stress and requires investigation, or do we need to bring it to someone’s attention via a ticket?

Hi sXi,

We have nagios monitoring, it checks all services every 5 minutes and reports to a 24/7 working person to investigate or escalate, and we try to get all services reporting problems resolved in a reasonable and as short as possible time.

If you confirm a webserver is down, or load 100+, or an apcahe isn’t running, then you can still send us a ticket and we should get back to you on its status of being fixed.

Hope that helps,
Matt C

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Thanks Matt.

The server I’m on is usually over 70 load every time I look (it’s at 200+ right now). The last time I reported heavy load via a ticket was when it went over 500, but all I got was a generic “load looks okay now” reply 2 days later.

08:00:22 up 104 days, 21:18, 0 users, load average: 228.79, 174.92, 153.14

prince-william – needs attention.

Thank you for the heads up. Prince-William is already on the list of servers currently being worked on. Our admins will have everything restored and back to normal as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience while they sort everything out.

Matt C

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Just had a chat with Art from Support. Appears to be over-crowding causing it and a move request was suggested.

Protip from Art: Move requests are done manually and they don’t just randomly dump you elsewhere anymore, but take the time to ensure you’re not moved onto a server where you’ll be met with more issues.

[quote]Art: Hello. How can I help?
sXi: Hi Art
sXi: server prince-william has been seeing high load for months - it really needs someone to take a look.
Art: Let me check
sXi: Thanks
Art: You can submit a ticket and request to get moved on to a different server
Art: Support -> Contact Support
sXi: Is that the only option?
Art: What were you thinking about?
sXi: Having someone look at it in order to fix whatever is hogging the server
Art: The server looks to be overcrowded
sXi: Fair enough
Art: So our Network Operations Center will likely be moving customers off
Art: So you could request a move
Art: or wait for the off load
sXi: I’m just concerned I’ll be taken out of the pot and thrown into the fire. It’s a gamble being moved (no guarantees).
Art: accounts are assigned to shared servers randomly… And we never know how much data and resources our customers are going to put once they are on that shared server… Moving you to a different server is done manually so we look for servers that aren’t as crowded and have been up for a while before we move you.
sXi: Ahh righto - that sounds less risky then :smiley:
sXi: I’ll put in a request.
sXi: Thanks very much, Art.
Art: thanks for using live chat[/quote]
Thanks for the follow up Matt. Much appreciated!

02:51:22 up 105 days, 16:09, 0 users, load average: 266.94, 248.09, 212.99
03:21:11 up 105 days, 16:39, 0 users, load average: 277.97, 305.70, 287.36
04:36:43 up 105 days, 17:55, 0 users, load average: 432.56, 405.88, 379.96

No response to the move request ticket other than a “24 hours since you sent in your message…” botmail 6 hours ago.

12:25:27 up 106 days, 1:43, 1 user, load average: 118.22, 110.91, 106.94

21:07:43 up 106 days, 10:26, 1 user, load average: 127.42, 146.42, 145.03
21:35:26 up 106 days, 10:53, 1 user, load average: 151.07, 120.16, 114.25

Still awaiting a response to the move request ticket.

Hey there!

So sorry for the delayed response on your ticket! We’ve had a rather heavy influx of support tickets come in this week, but we’re hard at work on them. I have your ticket, and am working to get you moved to a less loady server ASAP. I did get our admins to drop the load on ‘prince-william’ for the time being though, so hopefully that helps. Thanks so much for your patience, I really appreciate it!

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Thanks Elle.

After Elle put the rush on, migration commenced within the hour and was fully completed within 4.5 hours.

Awesome! :smiley:

11:00:31 up 163 days, 21:29, 2 users, load average: 7.08, 5.17, 4.19

Weeee!! It’s the least I could do, considering how awesomely helpful you always are :smiley:

Hopefully everything works out with this server, but if it doesn’t, just give us a holler!

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I will purchase a keyboard with two ALL-CAPS buttons. Just in case :wink:

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