Is there a money back policy?


That’s the question, since I cannot keep providing my serious customers with a service that have email problems every 2 days I made the terrible mistake of trusting DH and buying the monster plan, paying already for 1 year for a service that has probably a 75% of stability and uptime… non working for me…


Yes, there is a 97 day, money back gaurentee (sp?) You will get a full refund on your hosting, minus 9.95 for the Domain registration if you used the one free registration with the plan. You can cancel your account through the Panel.

I feel that dreamhost really is very reliable, and this little storm of problems is very uncommon. Regardless if you’re mind is set to leave, I’d reccomend shopping fora new host - getting everything transfered over, and then caceling here at dreamhost. If you make sure you have everythign migrated to the new host before you cancel you’ll have much less hance of accicdental data loss.

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad expirence, feel free to post back with any more questions.

–Matttail - personal website


I am sorry to hear that your experience with DreamHost has been negative. My own experience has been very good overall. Sure, there have been some hiccups, but these are usually resolved pretty quickly and things generally ‘just work’.

I imagine that you have already voiced your concerns to DreamHost via the support section of the panel?

Anyway, as Matttail says; There is a 97 day money back guarantee (minus the domain registration), but you should be aware that this guarantee only applies if you paid by credit card.


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He’s got a good point, there! As much as I love Dreamhost, this week has been the pits for email service, and I’m in serious trouble with some of my clients over this issue.

Of course, I’m gonna try to stay the course, as I have seen troubles at Dreamhost arise, and then be dealt with many times over the years. Though I don’t ever remember this much trouble with email ever before. Usually “short-lived” glitches that were fixed relatively quickly, not multiple days in a row of “borked” email functionality.


We are encountering the same e-mail issues and after nearly two weeks the situation is rapidly becoming critical. When your clients begin complaining and you are loosing business there comes a time when you have to question the intelligence of staying with DH, or any other service for that matter. We try to be patient and understanding because problems do occur, but when the same problem doesn’t get resolved in 2 weeks and a million dollar client is getting very unhappy what choice do you make? It has been 27 hours and still no response from DH support on this problem. I’m open to suggestions.


What is a million dollar client doing on shared hosting?

–Matttail - personal website


Well, for my clients, the value Dreamhost provides is important enough for them to put up with a certain degree of instability at times. The question is, of course, where do you draw the line. So far, none of my clients has demanded a change, though I have taken quite a hit with many of them over this, and may have to move one or two as a result.

I’ll tell you this, though, if I had a “million dollar client”, they certainly would not be hosted on anybody’s shared server! My suggestion is to get that “million dollar client” on a dedicated box with carefully engineered redundancy today!



I’ll clarify the “client” statement. When our customer or client depends upon the ability to submit their orders to us via email instead of an online order entry site the inability to send or receive our emails is critical. Much of our business communications with our client base and vendors depends on email communications. I have no issues with our web site hosting, DH has been very reliable there. Our problem is strictly with the DH email system.


Your clarification makes a lot of sense, and I understand more precisely the nature of the problem now. As a more appropriate suggestion, have you considered moving email service to a more robust “commercial” email provider?

I’ve considered this, and while I have not yet done so, it may be the only way to allow some of my clients to benefit from the hosting value they enjoy at Dreamhost while maintaining highly reliable email service. It might actually turn out to be “the best of both worlds” for them for at lot less expense than other “dedicated” options.



It actually didn’t used to be this way. Email used to be very stable at DreamHost. It has gotten worse over the last year or so. Strangely, this most recent batch of email problems has been a combination of two things.

The first is that the spunky cluster suffered from a password file corruption. This is basically the problem that keeps coming up and is a direct result of our having grown so large, so quickly.

The second is that on our swarthy cluster, our new beta authentication system (which use a database backend rather than a password file) got tens of thousands of domains wiped from the database. This was disappointing since this beta system was intended to resolve our growing pains with the original system mentioned above.

Our admins are still investigating the cause and we’re confident we can get it back on track, and lead DreamHost back to stable, reliable email service again. I personally believe our future depends on it.


Out of curosity, does this database authentication system include a solution to the nasty m123345678 user names?

–Matttail - personal website


Very true! I guess that’s one of the reasons recent events have been so frustrating for me; I vividly remember the “old days” of having Dreamhost mail service being more reliable than my ISP’s :slight_smile:

I would love to see that happen. and so would the clients I have placed here over the years.

I guess that depends on what kind of future Dreamhost wants to experience; there will always be a place for cheap, suitable-only-for-hobbyist web hosts. I, like you, want to see something more in Dreamhost’s future. Thanks for taking the time to participate here. It goes a long way toward calming fear of the unknown than can run wild when there is little/late information on