Is there a dreamhost default url to view the site?


There’s a domain management issue with a cliente of ours.

So we don’t stop website production, is there a default url where we can preview it? (http://000.000.000/user or, anything really…)?

thanks in advance!


you can create a sub-domain and set it to mirror the domain you are having problems accessing.

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Here’s the procedure:


thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

i should say that said domain is not redirected to the aquired host. Mirroring to this domain will work?..

While creating the sub-domain (Add New Domain / Sub-Domain), i noticed that it will redirect to a specific folder in ther server (/home/username/lala) , when it should be the root.

Oh, thanks scott, didn’t read your post…

Gonna read it!


It´s working. :slight_smile: