Is the Control Panel better than cPanel?

I’m new to the idea of control panels, and not having used any of them yet, I’d like to hear what the veteran users think of the Control Panel here - as compared to cPanel for instance.

Is the control panel here as good as it’s supposed to be, or is it kind of just so-so maybe kinda-sorta better-than-nothing if-you’re-really-desperate?

I’d appreciate any advice/comments/etc - thanks!

  • Carla

I have not tried cPanel, so I can’t compare with it. But I can give you my view of this Web Panel: It’s excellent!

DreamHost has hand-coded this Web Panel for their specific services, so it should be safe to say that it does a great job of translating all the DreamHost thingies to a user-friendly web interface. I find that it’s meaningfully organized and gives a good overview, but you can actually change fairly detailed settings.

Only thing I would advise you to be careful with it running it in more than one window or tab at the same time. As long as you always only have one instance of the Panel open, then you don’t risk any misunderstandings (like applying changes to the wrong mailbox or domain).

I like it.

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I had used cPanel with my old host for years before switching to Dreamhost. I can say that at first I hated the DH ControlPanel simply because I found it very difficult to figure out how to do simple things that I was used to in cPanel.

However, after a few weeks, I can say I would never want to go back to cPanel again. I find the DH Control Panel very user friendly once you get used to it and much more powerful.

bryan | website

Like many others here, I initially found the DreamHost Control Panel a bit quirky to use. I’ve used many different control panels, including cPanel, and DreamHost’s specially-written panel is certainly different; however, I can honestly tell you that I have never come across anything so well-specified.

I believe that the control panel is one of the great strengths of DreamHost (besides the incredible value for money). You can do pretty much anything with it, if you need to. The panel is divided into areas, and each separate area gets an “overview” page that fully explains what each tool does.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that many of the functions do not happen instantly. There is a delay of around an hour, for example, when creating a new mailbox, or a new MySQL database. This is not unusual, however, so DreamHost can be forgiven for this shortcoming.

Simon Jessey
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I have been using both CPanel and DreamHost’s own Web Control Panel for quite a while. The truth is: I don’t find CPanel that good, although it would be nice if we could implement changes (like adding domains or creating e-mail aliases) right away here. - Gung-ho Web Hosting :: $7.95/mo for 2,400 MB Disk and 120 GB Transfer

I used Cpanel for one year and like this one more.
Sure it’s more confusing to begin with, but it’s far more powerful. And since they’ve created it themselves, they can always update it/fix problems. Most companies just rely on cPanel to do everything and if it breaks they don’t know what to do.
And as others have said, it’s very handy that cPanel does things straight away instead of having to wait. Oh well. Can’t have it all I guess?

DH panel better

I’ve found the shortcoming of host’s that use CPanel to be the fact that it’s not seemless and all encompassing like DH’s hand rolled web panel. Hostrocket for example, I have to login 3 or 4 different times in a session of trying to do something via CPanel and/or getting support.

It’s always what you’re used to that’s the best but as everyone seems to point out here, if you bother to learn the new way it’s sometimes better. That’s certainly the case with DH’s panel over CPanel.

As for updates taking immediate effect, I think that’s more a function of DH’s network architecture and has nothing to do with the panel itself.


I occasionally wonder if something as ubiquitous (sp?) as cPanel might not be more of a target for exploits than a custom panel like DH’s.

Very true, another advantage for DH I say as I hunt for wood to knock on!


I want to thank everyone for their replies - lots of good info there.

The web panel (control panel) sounds pretty useful. I don’t mind a learning curve - I’ll figure it out eventually (maybe/hopefully) … actually I sort of like stuff like that. :slight_smile:

I also like the fact that their secure login page ( actually works in my browser and OS (a prehistoric Mac), without giving some silly error message(s) like some other hosting sites that I’ve been looking at.

On a somewhat-related topic, I also noticed that Dreamhost supports SFTP - and that’s good, IMO. I guess that means (I think) that I could upload stuff via SFTP and still have a secure login, apparently, without having to use the web-panel unless I wanted to for some other reason.

Overall, everything sounds pretty good about Dreamhost, so I may put my site here. My only reservation is the 91-day guarantee thing, since 90 days is (so I’ve been told) supposedly the credit card companies’ limit on refunds/disputes/whatever and after that you’re basically on your own, but maybe that isn’t anything to worry about, after all… hey, paranoia has kept me alive in some dicey circumstances, so it isn’t all bad. :wink: Anyway everything looks pretty nice.

I went ahead and registered for the forum here so that I could make this reply (and in case I sign up for hosting later), although I’m not sure I’m doing the “reply” thing correctly - I don’t know which post is the correct one to reply to if I want it to show up as a general reply to all previous replies… if I’ve screwed it up somehow, please forgive my ignorance.

Thanks again for all the replies, I really appreciate it!