Is the "backup your account" function useless?


I posted this question a couple of weeks back, but no responses. Thought I’d try again under a different title.

Can you restore an entire website using the backups made from the “Backup Your Account” button? If so, how?

My website was infected, and so were the files restored using the “Restore Domain” option. The files I had from a previous “Backup Your Account” only contained the database.

Am I missing something? Or is this a trap for amateurs like me, who think they really have done a full backup?


Never tried it, but I’d assume the backup is in an archived format in which case you could extract it and transfer anything you want to be restored using SSH or SFTP.


That’s what I expected, but the only file it gives you is a sql database.

So, don’t rely on it like I did!


Holy… I’m amazed no one has posted about this before!


There’s a separate backup file for each FTP user and each database. You need to download all the files involved to have a full backup.

If one of your users was omitted, chances are it was too big to back up. (There’s a limit of something like 2GB per backup file — users/databases larger than that will need to use other backup methods.)


Maybe only the db was backed up because that particular user’s file content was over the limit.


I think you may have hit my stupidity on the head!

Now that I check the emails from Dreamhost, I see that the list starts with “Users” - I missed these, thinking that they were like the rest of the list, just Mailboxes.

I can’t check this, but I guess that’s where the files are - but I didn’t download them, because I didn’t need to backup my mailboxes. D’oh!

And thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Wish I’d known a few months ago!