Is the 80GB a single disk?

Is the 80Gb disk that comes with every instance single 80Gb disk, ie like /dev/vda which you must partition yourself into /dev/vda1, /dev/vda2 etc?

Or can you created separate disks like /dev/vda, /dev/vdb. /dev,vdc which must add up to 80Gb in total?

How about the the 100Gb additional storage? Is it the same?

The 80GB are the default sizes of the ephemeral boot volumes. They don’t need any partitioning and are one single volume. When you start a new instance from an ephemeral disk you get a VM with 80GB in it, one ephemeral volume. Ephemeral means that the whole VM and its data will be destroyed once that instance is terminated.

The 100GB additional block storage is just a quota: you can create volumes of any size within that limit (or expand it, if you need more).

To expand on what smaffulli said, for volumes you select a size in the panel, attach it, and can either directly format it (mkfs.ext4, etc) and use it, or you can use fdisk and put partitions on it if you wanted. The partitions don’t really get you anything extra.

For more info on how it works to create, format and attach additional volumes to your instance, please see: