Is that possible?


I wanna ask a question.
Is that possible, increasing my website’s uptime ratio if i give more money or cut my super duper TB bandwidth or my fantastic 20 gb. or -10000000000000 addon domain.
I only want quality service from you.I only want you to host my site uninterrupted.


As I understand it, all shared hosting plans are considered equal, as far as CPU resources and upstream/downstream bandwidth, differing only in storage space and monthly traffic allocations, but I have a feeling that this was a rhetorical question. :slight_smile:

Have you lodged a support request regarding your problems? It is possible that your particular server is experiencing problems that have not as yet come to the attention of DreamHost.

Have you checked the load on your server? (Log into SSH and enter the uptime command).


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they are now answering any of my questions


Don’t use SQL and you will the uptime will be better :slight_smile:

The only way to get better uptime is to use a (super) profesionnal dns service with multiples server to host your websites on multiple locations.
if one of thems fail, it will be removed from dns.

You can also use a (or many) cluster with that.

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this is the most impossible thing for me to develop without mysql :slight_smile:


isn’t that funny ?
we bought a hosting service with mysql plan.and now we’re considering no to use mysql :slight_smile:
and they are not even answering us about these problems or else


SQL is a handy resource to have, but it isn’t always the best thing to use if you want outright speed with a web site.

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