Is support on holiday or something?

We’ve had a dedicated database server melt down hours ago and have filed two support tickets without so much as an initial response. This has NEVER happened before.

Does anyone know what’s going on with support taking forever to respond to EMERGENCY tickets today???

We’re having the same problem. Can you ping your server? Ours sends the pings back fine, but doesn’t serve the website. We’re getting 504 and 324 errors.

We’ve just received replies back from support and they are investigating. Still not sure what’s going on. Hopefully you will hear from them soon, too.

Potentially related…when we run account tests we are seeing "not a proper apache configuration file’… and wehavent touched em.

Going on 3 hours downtime, and not even a response from their Twitter account or our support ticket. We’re in the middling of running 2 giveaways (correction – were) and this is hurting us. At least acknowledge the problem.

I’ve had 3 support tickets in the past 7 days… Only 1 was answered and I marked them all Critical. The one that was answered took 5 days!

My site hasn’t been slower and less responsive EVER and I haven’t changed anything. Going on 4 years a customer.

These guys have like 3 days before I move to Amazon EC2 after my peak in April. VPS costs are actually more than EC2 if you go with 1GB memory or more.

I have multiple accounts with a long list of hosted domains. I also have a VPS account and i am having the same issues as all of you.

For the past few months, there has been more downtime than any other hosting service i’ve been with… and WHERE IS OUR SUPPORT?!

I’ve gotten no help!

I WILL be moving all my accounts immediately. this is HORRIBLE!

My site is down since yesterday, I sent two support tickets marked as super critical, NO ANSWER AT ALL.
Am I wrong or usually at least an automatic email saying “we have received your request” is always sent? I’ve not received that email neither.

Hello Eugenio,

Thank you for contacting us for support. I apologize for the delay in response. We strive to answer all support tickets within our 24 hour guarantee, most are handled much sooner than that. I see that our support team is looking into all your tickets and will email you an update ASAP, your patience is greatly appreciated.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Matt C
DreamHost Staff